Friday, February 21, 2014


Courage Quest is a compilation of adventure stories in various parts of the world where I confronted my fears in search of courage--starting a bit late when I was turning fifty. I traveled almost exclusively by myself with a backpack by public transportation or walking, staying as locals do in hostels while turning my back on millions from my career to concentrate on the search for me.

Learn how I survived my guides washing dish technique in the Amazon, my encounter with a shaman who cured a rusty rebar cut in the jungle from infection and my solo walk through a drug and crime infested Athens neighborhood.
Come share my ventures, the lessons learned, why and how we should pursue and create new adventures in your life. You’ll improve your self-confidence as an older woman struggling to survive mature years, as a young woman completing your rite to passage journey to womanhood learning to define yourself and maturing or as a man who just wants a bit more guts in his life as he ventures forth.

The gift of courage added a new dimension to my life as I uncover who I really was and what was needed to make my life full.

You can follow my footsteps camping on safari in Africa, paddling down the Amazon, rafting the wild rivers of Idaho where I  found all I had searched for.
  Courage is not necessary to live a mundane life, but it is necessary to live
                                                         a full one that you can be proud of.

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