Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Press Release - "Spiritual Quest" Book Launch

Press Release                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Sally DeMasi – October 6, 2017 - McCall, Idaho

Spiritual Quest Book Launch – Discovering Your Higher Self Through Love

What are your spiritual dilemmas, how can you realize your authentic self and find an individual path to spirituality at this time in your life? Not someone else’s journey, but yours. What is right for you now, in this precise moment?

DeMasi’s extremely personal journey is revealed as a roadmap for others to uncovered the big questions we ask in life –death, passions of love, our God—found with the assistance of angels, as we uncover compassion and surrender. What part does fear play, death, forgiveness and what ties our humanity together? – it could be LOVE. How do you find a gift of peace—silence from your over striving, technology driven world? Why should you?

DeMasi, is a writer of stories of discovery—adventure quests with her passion to contribute to other’s personal growth through her humor and depth of life adventures.  Her book, Courage Quest, explores a search for fear – traveling solo to unusual destination worldwide. She explores her corporate escape, search and finding novena in the mountains of Idaho

Mayor's Couageous Challenge

We can be fearful but still engage in heroic acts for a cause we believe in. This is courage. The act elevates a person in the pursuit of what is right in life and how we can contribute.

Gisela Mota was thirty-three, dedicated, humble and an honorable hard-working woman. Attending protests from the age of twelve with her activist Mother, studying law at the university she then became an idealistic politician who believed it was worth risking her life. She accepted a political position in her home town to affect change, despite threats. Her objective, her passion, was to clean up the town’s corruption.

Her mother advised against it. Committed to assuming this challenging office, she shouted at her Mom, “If I don’t run for office, who will?”

The crime was not unusual in this part of the world, the small state of Morelos with a population of 1.9 million. It was a small village of Pueblo Viejo located south of the Mexican capital. It boosts a superb climate adorned by colonial cobblestone streets, but the fourth highest murder rate for kidnappings, extortion and rape according the NGO Citizen Council for Security and Criminal Justice. This is where the murder of a young brave woman occurred.

She had refused official security upon assuming the position as mayor empathic it was a waste of the limited public resources.