Thursday, December 22, 2016

Find the Courage to Say YES

I got a call from Mom. Dad had just passed six months ago and she was a three hour drive from me but adjusting well. It is no surprise; she has that vibe, a positive spirit of just keeping on.

My Mom and Dad were a true love story from the past. They both went to the same church and bible school in their youth. Dad had his sights on this darling woman for some time and eventually he got the courage to ask her out. He didn’t actually ask her out for a date, but moving ahead slowly (not his style), inquired if he could give her a ride home from church.

She always walked with a close girlfriend, so refused. In the end, after weeks of negotiation—he was a very good negotiator, she was in his convertible driving home.

They were a handsome couple, na├»ve—barely dating others before their meeting. He enlisted in our military to serve during World War II. The rest is our sibling’s good news, a marriage producing three children, each spaced three years apart, never understanding the magic of three.  

It was a good marriage shared with family, friends and numerous celebrations, but Christmas was the ultimate in preparations and joy.

Dad moved to the other place, I believe that is heaven for him, and Mom was now alone. She managed and actually flourished learning, at her advanced years, to create a budget, pay bills, and do house repairs eking out a small life for herself before the time she’d join Dad.

It wasn’t long before a man came a calling to this woman in her late seventies. It was such a surprise

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Announcing the Launch -  my new book, "Survival Quest" 

Risking – for your future. Disaster can strike at any moment. Are you prepared physically, emotionally? How do you face fear, mount your attack and conquer? Does the spiritual assist?

Some of these riveting ordeals tell of a woman on a flight that crashes in the jungle and struggles for life as beauty emerges. A man falls to earth without a parachute and battles for his life miles away from medical assistance.   Multiple exploration parties face the Arctic's destruction of storms – hunger – imminent death as we wonder how.  A woman in a dusty arid Israeli (Arab) town of ancient traditions attempts to move from the past to the present struggling for her and other female’s rights. A man confronts the torturous elements in the Sierras, alone, in a pre-winter storm that threatens his existence as a miracle unfolds.

What actually makes the difference between some surviving while others don’t?  Turn fear, anger, and stress into focus. My personal conclusion on this journey for answers may surprise you. Here is a collection of unique true stories that reveal a new path as you learn how the ordinary do the extraordinary.  

This book is available on major book sites in paperback or eBook formats
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