Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Press Release - "Spiritual Quest" Book Launch

Press Release                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Sally DeMasi – October 6, 2017 - McCall, Idaho

Spiritual Quest Book Launch – Discovering Your Higher Self Through Love

What are your spiritual dilemmas, how can you realize your authentic self and find an individual path to spirituality at this time in your life? Not someone else’s journey, but yours. What is right for you now, in this precise moment?

DeMasi’s extremely personal journey is revealed as a roadmap for others to uncovered the big questions we ask in life –death, passions of love, our God—found with the assistance of angels, as we uncover compassion and surrender. What part does fear play, death, forgiveness and what ties our humanity together? – it could be LOVE. How do you find a gift of peace—silence from your over striving, technology driven world? Why should you?

DeMasi, is a writer of stories of discovery—adventure quests with her passion to contribute to other’s personal growth through her humor and depth of life adventures.  Her book, Courage Quest, explores a search for fear – traveling solo to unusual destination worldwide. She explores her corporate escape, search and finding novena in the mountains of Idaho
where the universe allows her to write about pertinent issues of global survival, courage. Survival Quest reveals ways to confronted crisis, why some do or do not exist. Her latest book along this journey, Spiritual Quest shares how to find your individual higher self—finding your life passion, how to uncover your individual spiritual adventures through love. Her books are peppered with her amazing photos and quotes from Dalai Lama, Helen Keller, John Muir, Sir Edmund Hillary, Isabel Allende, Bear Gylis, Marianne Williamson, Stephen R. Covey, Pema Chodron, Christopher Reeve, Danny Kaye, John Muir, John Lennon, Jewel, Leo Tolstoy, Lao Tzu, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemmingway, Robert F, Kennedy, John Schaar, which document her quest.

Visit her blog where you can find information about her book, Survival Quest, and read a portion of all of her books.: or her overview of books and photos: As a creative writer and photographer, enthusiastic sports and travel advocate, Sally challenges you to not just exist, but to survive, find your life purpose, live with zest experiencing an extraordinary existence. “If not challenging life, you are not engaging in its fullness and moving forward with growth.”
Contact: Sally DeMasi, PO Box 32 – McCall, ID 83638,

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