Monday, November 30, 2015

Notes on Courage – Patsy Kelley

I am celebrating a happy 30th anniversary of living in a small town, mountainous Idaho!Seems not that long ago that a friend envied my COURAGE to leave my job, home and friends to move 2500 miles into the unknown. I did not think of this as courageous, but adventuresome. I was excited to see, do and experience new things. That in itself was motivating.

However, in retrospect, I guess it was an act of courage. Mostly, it took courage to admit to stagnation in my work an life. In the 1980’s, a steady paycheck provided incentive to stay put in a comfortable home and job. Divorced, I had no children or mate to limit my imagination, and even my cats had died. So why, in my mid-forties would I not want to set out on an adventure?

Long ago, my grandfather told me to be sure to “Go west and see the mountains”. With a knowledge of geography and good map skills, I was excited to follow his vision. In addition, I was tired of pushing around paper and people for the government (it’s called Human Services burnout!). I wanted to experience new things and felt capable of finding work to support myself. Naive? Impulsive? Irresponsible? – or Brave and Courageous?

With some research, planning, saving, making arrangements with supportive friends, I embarked on my escape from mediocrity, boredom and security to a new life in the West. It was not without unknowns and difficulties, but the results were energizing and very satisfying. I am glad I had faith in myself, and the Universe, to make this adventure my new life.

Post Script: Life is too short to do the same things all the time…some of the ways I have made my living: Junior High Teacher, College Geography Instructor, Office for Aging Planner, Office of Employment & Training Planner/Supervisor, Amateur Photographer, Cook/Waitress/Chef-Guest Ranch/Restaurant Chef & Manager, Watercolor Artist, Organic Market Gardner.  


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